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Vanilla Ice Cream - Liquid Barn

Vanilla Ice Cream - Liquid Barn

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Flavor Description: Our Vanilla Ice Cream is a delicious creamy treat. It also makes for a great custard substitute.

Non-Flavoring Ingredients: Propylene Glycol and Water

Suggested Mix Percentage: 11%

Specific Gravity: 1.04 g/ml 

This flavor is  PG Dominant

Vanilla Ice Cream Data Sheet

Warning Icon WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Highly aromatic concentrated flavors contain ingredients which are prone to evaporation. As temperature rises, the liquids are more likely to evaporate as they are converted to a gaseous state. This process does not degrade the flavors, but it does change the characteristics of the flavoring. We recommend storing these flavors in a cool environment and limiting the number of times you open them per mix. This will help reduce the amount of evaporation that could occur.